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Auto Accidents

Connecticut Auto Accident Lawyers Assist Individuals Hurt in Crashes

Accomplished Norwalk firm seeks payment for medical costs and lost income

Whether on Interstate 95, the Merritt Parkway or the streets in your neighborhood, motorists throughout Connecticut are focused on reaching their destination. Even a brief lapse in concentration by a car or truck driver might cause a harmful accident. When this occurs, it’s important to find an advocate who can accurately assess liability and damages that a victim is entitled to. The proven lawyers at DePanfilis & Vallerie, LLC in Norwalk represent victims of Connecticut vehicle collisions and their families in litigation and insurance matters. Whether your particular incident involves a family car, commercial vehicle, motorcycle or pedestrian, our dedicated attorneys will pursue full compensation in settlement or at trial.

Dedicated attorneys litigate claims involving cars, trucks and pedestrians

In 2018, approximately 29,000 people were injured or killed in Connecticut auto accidents. Many factors contributed to this statistic, including distracted driving, alcohol impairment and speeding. No matter what led to your injury, our Fairfield County firm will initiate a thorough review of the circumstances to build the strongest possible argument on your behalf. We handle matters pertaining to all types of vehicle crashes, including those involving:

  • Trucks — Commercial vehicles and their drivers are subject to certain rules that don’t apply to passenger cars. Based on our experience in this area, our lawyers know how to investigate whether standards on truck operation and maintenance were violated.
  • Motorcycles — Our firm represents plaintiffs who were hurt when their motorcycle was hit by a car or truck. Bikers and their rights are often ignored, and we work aggressively to hold liable drivers accountable.
  • Pedestrians — Collisions between cars and pedestrians can severely injure those on foot. These incidents sometimes result when motorists are inattentive or unaware of the fact that pedestrians have the right of way in a crosswalk. We will work to hold the negligent driver accountable for your injuries.
  • SUVs — The design of sport-utility vehicles can make them more prone to dangerous rollovers. If you’ve been hurt in an SUV, our dedicated advocates can review whether a design or manufacturing defect increased the possibility of a crash.

Car crashes can cause broken bones, traumatic brain injuries and other types of harm, including permanent disabilities. When it will bolster your case, we’ll bring in experts to reconstruct what occurred and detail the extent of your injuries and how they’ve changed your life.

Thorough advocates guide victims through the insurance claim process

Unlike some nearby states, Connecticut has a fault-based insurance system, so a collision victim can seek relief from the motorist who was responsible for the crash. Our accomplished personal injury lawyers can help you seek full damages in a lawsuit or by filing a claim with the insurance carrier for the at-fault driver. If you’ve been hurt in a collision with an uninsured motorist or one who lacks sufficient coverage to reimburse your medical costs, we’ll seek payment under your policy’s UM provisions.

Knowledgeable legal advisers explain what to do after a vehicle collision

Getting injured in a car crash might affect you for years to come, but the actions you take immediately after a collision could significantly affect the outcome of your claim. Always make the safety of you and everyone else your first priority. Contact the police and obtain medical assistance, if necessary. From there, you can collect contact information of parties and witnesses, insurance details and photos of the scene. You should record any of your impressions and respond to factual inquiries from first responders, but it’s best to avoid disputes about fault or admissions of culpability. Those issues will be worked out later.

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DePanfilis & Vallerie, LLC represents Connecticut clients who have been injured in car accidents and other types of vehicle collisions. To schedule a meeting at our office in Norwalk, please call 203-846-9585 or contact us online.

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