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Slip and Fall

Dedicated Norwalk Injury Lawyers Pursue Compensation for Slip and Fall Accident Victims

Experienced Connecticut lawyers hold negligent property owners accountable

People and companies who own property in Connecticut have a legal duty to keep those properties reasonably safe for those who have a legal right to visit them. Owners who breach that duty may be held liable for damages when someone gets hurt. At the Norwalk law firm of DePanfilis and Vallerie, LLC, our attorneys have a track record of success in representing victims of slip and fall incidents and other premises liability cases in Fairfield County and throughout Connecticut. Our team draws on more than 120 years of combined litigation experience to fight for the full compensation our clients deserve when they’ve been injured on a person’s or business’s property.

Proven advocates handle a range of slip and fall claims

We represent clients who have slipped, fallen and sustained injuries caused by dangerous conditions on someone else’s premises. Just a few examples of the scenarios we have prevailed in include:

  • Water or other slippery substances on floors of restaurants and hotels
  • Cracked and broken sidewalks
  • Potholes and other pavement defects
  • Failure to clear snow and ice in front of a business
  • Poorly maintained elevators and escalators that malfunction and cause injury
  • Stairways that were not built up to code or maintained properly
  • Poorly lit parking lots that made someone an easy target for an assault or robbery

Property owners will challenge personal injury lawsuits based on slip and fall accidents because these cases can be tough for a plaintiff to prove. We have handled cases where the property owner quickly repaired the dangerous condition after someone was hurt in order to make evidence disappear. That’s why it’s important to contact an attorney promptly after your injury. Gathering evidence quickly is essential, so the sooner you get us involved, the sooner we can take photos, locate and interview witnesses, and begin to build your case for compensation.

Slip and fall laws apply to many different kinds of property

While it’s true that businesses and government agencies have a duty to keep their property reasonably safe, that duty also applies to residential property owners and landlords. For example, if you live in an apartment and you slip on an icy patch at the base of the stairway and get hurt, you may have a valid claim. Similarly, if you were an invited guest at someone’s home and were injured because the handrail in the stairwell was defective, you could have a claim.

Knowledgeable counselors explain the “ongoing storm” rule

The weather in Connecticut can bring heavy rain, snow and ice, and the law recognizes that when those conditions exist, it may not be possible for a property owner to treat walkways or other public areas immediately. If you fall on a sidewalk outside a business during a blizzard, for example, the property owner is probably not liable because the owner didn’t have time to clear away the snow or ice. Owners do have a duty to provide adequate signage, however, if they know hazardous conditions exist. If a walkway is known to be slippery frequently, the owner must put up a sign to warn visitors of the danger. Failure to provide such a warning could lead to liability. When you seek our help for a slip and fall injury, we will investigate the circumstances to advise you of your chances at succeeding in a claim.

Contact a seasoned Connecticut premises liability attorney for your slip and fall claim

Based in Norwalk, the attorneys of DePanfilis & Vallerie, LLC, can represent you in your personal injury claim stemming from a slip and fall accident or any other injury caused by dangerous property conditions. To discuss your potential case with one of our experienced lawyers, please call 203-846-9585 or contact our office online.

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