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Skilled Norwalk Landlord-Tenant Law Attorneys Protect Your Property Rights

Established lawyers represent owners and renters in Connecticut landlord-tenant disputes

DePanfilis & Vallerie, LLC maintains a strong real estate practice, which includes several attorneys who focus on landlord-tenant issues. Our law firm represents both landlords and tenants in Fairfield County and throughout Connecticut, always putting our client’s interests first. That means we seek cost-effective ways of handling matters such as leases, eviction, unsafe property conditions and other issues outside of court when possible, but never shy away from litigation when that is the best course of action. With decades of experience, our real estate attorneys understand the rights and obligations that both property owners and renters have in Connecticut, so you can be sure you are in capable hands.

Real estate advocates handle rental issues in housing courts

When landlord-tenant disputes such as nonpayment of rent or holdover notices (stating a landlord’s intent to evict) reach the litigation stage, they are heard in the Connecticut Superior Courts. In the larger districts, including Bridgeport, Hartford, Stamford-Norwalk, New Haven and Waterbury, however, they are heard in a special Housing Court. Our attorneys have extensive experience representing landlords and tenants in Superior Court and Housing Court when conflicts require litigation, but we strive to save clients time and money whenever possible through careful negotiations.

Proven advisers assist Connecticut landlords

Our real estate litigation department frequently represents residential and commercial landlords who need to enforce their rights and protect their property’s value. Landlords from around the state and those who reside in other states but manage property here reach out to us because we are known for achieving positive outcomes in a wide variety of cases, including those involving:

  • Eviction and lease enforcement
  • Nonpayment of rent, subleasing violations and other lease violations
  • Tenants engaged in loud parties, keeping aggressive pets, and other nuisance and problem tenant conflicts
  • Disputes over repairs and maintenance
  • Defense against Fair Housing allegations
  • Breach of contract lawsuits

Summary process eviction is designed to put your case in front of a housing court judge more quickly than a typical court case allows. Typically, this involves enforcement of lease terms, the most common being nonpayment of rent, in order to remove tenants that are negatively impacting landlords.  Summary process is especially useful in urgent situations where damage or destruction of your property appears imminent.

Knowledgeable counselors uphold tenants’ rights

Our real estate lawyers are serious about protecting the rights of tenants. Everyone deserves a place to live that is habitable, healthy and free of unnecessary dangers. When landlords fail to fulfill their responsibilities to those who lease apartments or business properties from them, we provide strong advocacy and knowledgeable advice. Among the tenants’ rights we help to enforce are these:

  • A habitable living space, which means heat, running water, electricity, a roof that doesn’t leak and similar protection from the elements
  • A clean common area that is free of obstructions, trash and other impediments
  • Well-lit hallways
  • Safe stairways and elevators
  • Privacy rights, which prohibit you landlord from entering your apartment without your permission unless an emergency repair is required, there is a court order, or you’ve moved out.

As a tenant, you also have certain responsibilities, such as paying rent on time, repairing damage to the property you have caused, and notifying the landlord of other needed repairs. Even if your landlord fails to make repairs, you can’t withhold rent payments. If your landlord unfairly accuses you of breaching your lease, it’s time to seek skilled legal representation. We know that many tenants have concerns about whether they can afford a lawyer. We are always conscious of our clients’ financial situation and will work to resolve issues as quickly and cost-effectively as we can.

Contact a skilled Connecticut real estate lawyer handling landlord-tenant issues

DePanfilis & Vallerie, LLC, is a Norwalk-based law firm representing landlords and tenants in disputes across Connecticut. Our experience on both sides of these cases means we can more effectively provide advice advocacy that protects your interests. To schedule a consultation, call 203-846-9585 or contact us online today.

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